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What is the Amazing Oshkosh Race?

The Amazing Oshkosh Kiwanis Quest features challenges across the city of Oshkosh, WI. Like the popular TV show, Amazing Oshkosh Kiwanis Quest gives teams of four an all-access pass to supporting locations as they race around our great city of Oshkosh. Teams complete a wide variety of tasks before moving onto the next location.


The tasks can be mental, like assembling a puzzle, or physical, like performing a choreographed dance. Sometimes tasks are downright thrilling while others are just plain fun.  View pictures from past years events on our Past Fun page.

Who can participate?

Participants include 25 teams of 4 participants each with members to include family, friends, business participants and anyone looking to have a great time.

This event is family-friendly, and participants of any age may join us! Please remember as this is a race, general mobility is required, as Quest Stops may require physical activity.

Why should I participate?

Bring out your family's, friend's, coworker's, and fellow student's competitive juices for a truly unique and fun team event!   Amazing Oshkosh offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity to have fun while getting an inside look of what area organizations and businesses do within our awesome community.  Plus a chance to win cash prizes.


More importantly this year's Amazing Oshkosh event is aimed at aiming the spotlight on a few of the great non-profit organizations located in the Oshkosh Area.  Through the products and services provided, these organizations help to make a significant impact on area needs.

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