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What is the Amazing Oshkosh Race?

2019 Amazing Oshkosh Kiwanis Quest takes place on Saturday, May 4 and features challenges across the city of Oshkosh, WI. The race begins at the parking lot of Lake Aire Center, where 50 teams race to get to each checkpoint.


Like the popular TV show, Amazing Oshkosh Kiwanis Quest gives teams of four an all-access pass as they race around our great city of Oshkosh. Teams follow clues to reach checkpoints, where they complete all variety of task before moving on to the next location.


The tasks can be mental, like assembling a puzzle, or physical, like performing a choreographed dance. Sometimes tasks are downright thrilling while others are just plain fun, like bouncing across a field inside a giant inflatable ball.

When and where is the race?

Friday May 3rd, 2019 | Registration and Pre-Quest


Registration and packet pickup is 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm at Becket's. Additionally, you are invited to enjoy a pre-quest gathering to learn more about the event, meet your competitors and just enjoy a great evening.


There will be no Quest Day packet pick-up without prior approval. Notify Quest Director prior to Friday May 3rd. If approved for Quest Day-pickup, you MUST ARRIVE no later than 7:15 am to pick up your Quest packet at the staging area.


Saturday May 4th, 2019 | The Quest


Teams may check in from 7:00 am to 7:30 am. Teams will be released at 8:00 am to their first challenge (first stop location will be provided at registration Friday night.  Passports will be distributed Saturday morning after al team members have signed the liability waiver. 

Who can participate?

Participants include 50 teams of 4 participants each with members to include family, friends, business participants and anyone looking to have a great time.

This event is family-friendly, and participants of any age may join us! Please remember as this is a race, general mobility is required, as Quest Stops may require physical activity.

Why should I participate?

Amazing Oshkosh Kiwanis Quest is one of the most unique race experiences for all skills and fitness levels. More importantly, it is a fundraiser supporting the work and programs that Oshkosh Mid-Morning Kiwanis carries out, primarily serving the children in our community. (Learn more about the impact). In fact, the more money you raise, the bigger your time advantage on race day.

How much does it cost & what can I win?

The cost to register is $100 per team. Registration fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.


Main Prizes

  • 1st $1000

  • 2nd $500

  • 3rd $250

  • Spirit Award $250

  • $500 in random team prizes

  • Plus goodie bags for every team

Good luck!