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Starting Line

Teams will be released to the first destination at 8 am!  All stops will be individually timed and added as a total at the final stop.  Travel time in between stops does not factor.  Traffic safety is a priority!

Make the quest that much more fun by showing how much you care and be rewarded for it.


What to Wear

  • Each team member must wear a provided t-shirt for quest day.

  • Athletic type shoes should be worn as some challenges will require running, jumping, dancing, etc.

  • Use of electronics is permitted and will help to plot your route on your quest.



Parking for vehicles is provided at the parking lot. You will be directed where to park by quest officials upon your arrival.  There will not be transportation provided back to the starting/parking area, so please plan ahead.

What To Bring

  • Amazing Oshkosh Kiwanis Quest t-shirts must be worn by all participants on Race Day.

  • Don’t forget your sense of humor! You are encouraged to have fun and dress the part. Add a little spice by dressing up as goofy as you can. Remember there is a spirit prize of $250.

  • The Amazing Oshkosh course map will be distributed with your quest packet and t-shirts. Share the map with family and friends so they can pick out places to cheer your team on!



  1. The event starts at 8:00 AM for all teams.

  2. Teams must remain together at all times. If your team is found to be split in any manner your team will be disqualified from the cash prize awards.

  3. The provided Passport will have all the challenges listed. All challenges/stops must be completed.   You are free to design your own route after the initial start location.

  4. All challenges/stops will provide you a stamp and total time upon successful task completion and all four members are present.  If you fail to receive a stamp it will be counted as incomplete.  Times will be logged by volunteers at challenge locations.

  5. All challenges/stops must be completed to be eligible for placement prize.

  6. No roads will be closed for the quest. Follow all traffic laws (this includes speeding). Watch for pedestrians, bicycles and others sharing the road. Please do not take the race to the streets!

  7. Vandalizing or dismantling of challenges will be grounds for disqualification and legal recourse.

  8. Please be courteous to other teams when at challenges. Challenges may be difficult to complete the first time through. If another team or teams are waiting to perform the challenge you may wait.  Remember each challenge is timed.  Travel time is not included in your total.  You may go to another challenge and return later (this is where strategy comes in). 

  9. You must obey all direction given by law enforcement, safety personnel, and volunteers wearing race-provided t-shirts.

  10. Any disputes are to be discussed with the quest director only. Decisions of race staff and director are final.

  11. Please be courteous and respectful as this event is family friendly.

  12. The course will close at 12:00 pm or when the last team has finished each station. All teams are required to check in at the final stop by 12:00 pm.

  13. The Amazing Oshkosh Race Awards and Celebration will begin at 12:00 pm.


Your participation helps provide funding to numerous Oshkosh Mid-Morning Kiwanis programs. Please visit the Oshkosh Midmorning Kiwanis Facebook page for more information on our supported programs.

Please LIKE our Facebook page and check in for updates and information about the AMAZING OSHKOSH KIWANIS QUEST.

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